Wednesday, May 31, 2006

WiFi Hazards

Hackers Beware
Crimes Amendment Bill 2003 Clause 19 deals with
'intentionally accessing a computer system without authorisation..'
say no more..

Sharers Beware
Security: If your network's open,
all your machines risk being compromised,
small businesses take heed..

Samaritans Beware
Never leave a message on someone else's PC
to the effect that you discovered their unsecured network..
(see hackers beware above)

Mr/Mrs Fix-It Beware
The bane of big companies, these folk innocently add
cheap WiFi gear to help out someone in their department,
not realising they may have compromised the entire
company's security.. This i know to well.

Open-Network Beware
An open network is exactly that.. Open..
to whom ever wants to browse.

No peeking!
Reverse-engineering is explicitly permitted by many legal
frameworks but not many EULA's(End-User-Licence-Agreement).
Intel forbids it outright, Napster insists you get permission
first while windows XP hides behind legalese and keeps a foot
in both camps by stating you can do so 'only to the extent that
such activity is expressly permitted by applicable law
notwithstanding this limitation' ..