Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Network Security

The following are a few random progs to help monitor, log and protect your network, be it Wifi or not.

Perl implementation for Windows. Needed to run Multi Router Traffic Grapher.

Look@LAN Network Monitor
See what's going on around your network and generate reports and graphs. Be alerted when servers or particular services appear or dissappear.

Multi Router Traffic Grapher
MRTG uses SNMP to monitor the traffic on network links, then presents the data in the form of one or more graphs on a Web page. It can monitor any SNMP variables and - with the aid of external programs - other types of data.

Convenient and lightweight tool to reveal what shares are present on your network and to disconnect users if necessary. Commit the Control+N shortcut to memory before selecting No Caption, Menu, and Toolbar mode, or you may never get the menubar back..

SoftPerfect Network Scanner
Generates a list of network nodes, checks for shares (including those that are hidden) and open ports, and interrogates MAC addresses. Easily explores or maps discovered shares.

xCat IP Monitor
Provides a simple up/down status display for up to ten nodes on your LAN or on the Internet. The polling frequency is adjustable, but the same setting applies to all nodes.

Snort with a Mac-style GUI to simplify configuration and use.

A Windows front-end for Snort. Brings the configuration and messages out into the open.

A widely used network intrusion detection and prevention system. Registered users can download new rules in between Snort releases.

LucidLink Wireless LAN Security
Manages access points to use 802.1x and WPA, and limits access to those computers running the included client. Limited to three users.